Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 3 / 10

Not what could have been..

Almost one billion of us take a regular dietary supplement, mainly vitamin tablets. Vitamins are enthusiastically endorsed by celebrities, and vitamin-fortified foods line our supermarket shelves. But how safe are these products? Is it true that vitamins are "natural" and therefore can't do you any harm? Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins could have been a terrific and well interesting documentary but unfortunately fall short on both expectations and basically on the message it tried to send that came out a bit meh as a whole.

Reviewed by Sembiance 2 / 10

Low on actionable conclusions, high on silly child songs

15% childish songs and animations 70% personal stories about how too much of a vitamin or too little was either good or bad 10% travel to locations to see fish/sheep/ice 5% facts and science and conclusions and actionable info

I wish the movie was more serious and shorter, much like the Veritasium videos the host makes. Unfortunately it isn't. It has several multi minute long made up "children's songs" along with horribly childish animations. It's almost like the producers were afraid to put too many facts or conclusions or opinions into it.

It started out by stating how many people take multivitamins and then asked the question, "should you take them, how do you know?" But it never really answered this question and ended with "If you take them, take them seriously... fade to credits.". Sigh.

Reviewed by alex-curpas 4 / 10

It gets too many things wrong

The vitamin "B9" that is added to bread is not folate, it's folic acid. Most people can convert this to folate which is the usable form of B9, but there are many mutations )(collectively called MTHFR mutations) that impair this process and make folic acid do more harm than good.

The same is true to some extent for the conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A. The best source of vitamin A is liver.

Same idea again for vitamin K. Plant-based K1 needs to be converted to K2 in your body. Some bodies are better than others at doing this. Fermented foods and pastured animals are the best sources for the two types of vitamin K2 - MK4 and MK7. You probably need both for optimal health.

Same idea once more with Vitamin D. Some people are better than others at converting cholesterol to Vitamin D in their skin - if they even spend enough time outdoors mid-day.

The one thing the film gets right is that vitamins should be consumed in their natural context. Supplements might prevent the most severe deficiencies but it's a gamble.

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