The Incantation


Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Dean Cain as Abel Baddon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacobdennert 8 / 10

I dug it. Hope you dig it, too.

Personally, I enjoyed the film. I found it entertaining. One of the things that keeps me from watching too many movies in the horror genre is that so many of them seem to overdo the efforts to shock you; to try and get you to jump. I didn't think that was overdone at all, here, which was nice.

Who this isn't for:

If you're a movie snob and you're oblivious to the fact that independent filmmakers aren't blessed with bottomless budgets, you might be a little disappointed with this one... but that's okay. Just don't go into it all ignorant and expect this to go toe-to-toe with movies that occupy theater space for months on end.

Having said that...

If you're like me and you appreciate independent filmmakers - and you're in "entertain me" mode, sit back and enjoy the show.

(The Incantation *has* won more than one Indie award. 'Nuff said.)

Hope you dig it.

Reviewed by ohmanoid 1 / 10

Oh, the horror!

This is a great movie if you're blind, and don't understand english...

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

Save Yourself the Pain

Unfortunately, I found very little to like in this horror flick. With terribly flat dialogue and acting, plus a storyline that seems to have been cobbled together from so many other horror films, it's even below B-movie quality, in my opinion.

Sam Valentine portrays the beautiful Lucy a flighty but intrepid young American woman who has traveled to France for the funeral of her great-uncle the Count Rose du Sang, at the creepy Castle Borley. Will she succumb to the devil-worshipping clan that resides there or will she break free of her family tradition that may have destined her to join them?

Since the ending was so convoluted, to me at least, I have no idea what actually happened. Maybe, you'll be able to figure it out.

I would say save yourself the pain and pass on this mess of a movie.

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