The 12th Man


Drama / History / Thriller / War

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Kurt Stage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toreborgen 9 / 10

Amazing true story. Told the way Jan wanted it

The whole family went to see this film. We had high hopes for it. Neither of us was disappointed. Its a brutal story, told like the soldier who went through the ordeal wanted it to be told.

It has been made before, different title. (9 lives, 9 liv) Jan Bålsrud did not like that version because he did not see himself as a hero. He felt the people who helped him was the heroes. That film received an academy nomination for best foreign film

The helpers really are the story here. The role of Jan Bålsrud played by Thomas Gulestad is potrayed brilliant and brutal.

I like Harald Zwart, brilliant underrated filmmaker.

Reviewed by FabledGentleman 6 / 10

True story? not so much.

This is not going to be a detailed review. I just noticed so many people here consider this to be a true story. Well that is not exactly true. Yes there was a guy called Jan Baalsrud that had to escape into Sweden to avoid being captured, and he had help getting there. But that's pretty much the only thing this movie got right.

There were no Germans hunting him, ever. They thought he was dead, so all those scenes with Germans this and Germans that are only implemented to add suspension, but then knowing those are completely made up, i start questioning what those helpers went through knowing they never encountered German soldiers who threatened them and their lives if they helped Baalsrud.

The entire emotional core of the film becomes a fantasy. But if this movie had been completely true, it would be one damn spectacular tale, because you simply aren't allowed to have this much luck.

Thing is, if we turn the argument and say, ok so we added all those Germans so that the movie had a lot of suspense, and that many movies does this, and only base parts of the story on actual events, it can still be a pretty good movie right? Yes, it can, and that has happened many times in movie history. This movie however didn't accomplish this.

First off, this is not a original story in any way. From the very beginning you kind of know exactly where this movie is going, no surprises in this one. As straight forward as it can be. And then since it's made up, and not real as they try and make people believe ( which after reading comments here in IMDb, people are indeed believing it), it has not much going for it. It's just another good guy all alone being chased by hundreds of evil men that all want to see him die, it's the all time Hollywood cliche.

This movie could have achieved enough suspense without adding Germans all over the place. They could have just done it like they did Jaws, the less you see the shark, the more you question where it is, the more scary it becomes. But these filmmakers don't have the skills to pull it off. Instead they went the wrong way.

But for what it's worth, this movie has some pretty good acting in it, and the cinematography is very nice. It's one of Zwart's best films, not that that's saying much tbh.

Reviewed by OJT 10 / 10

A story of fighting spirit and survival

Den 12. mann / 12th man is a different retelling of the story about the flight of Jan Baalsrud, hunted by the Nazi occupants after a sabotage action hiding important papers. The story was told from Baalsrud's angle in the 1957 Academy Award nominee-movie Ni Liv (Nine lives) by director Arne Skouen, This time it's Hollywood director Harald Zwart, known for his comedies and the rather good remake of The Karate Kid, and he has made something he has never done, a survival drama and war film.

And he has succeeded well in telling a story about a hero, which became so due to good helpers in good believing Norwegians, being able to assist him on the two month struggle of a journey through very harsh winter terrain and weather.

The film tells the story of not only Baalsrud, but also the 11 other which were alle killed by the Nazi's, and also tells the story about the survival spirit of a war-occupied country. This film is actually much more accurate than the original 1957-film, and completely differently told, which serves both the story and the film well.

Debuting Thomas Gullestad is amazing in the lead, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is excellent as the German Kurt Stage. And the rest of the cast does fabulous as well.

Well worth a watch!

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