Texas Heart



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 152


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Lin Shaye as Mrs. Smith
John Savage as Carl
Blake Clark as Stid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eyefordetail 7 / 10

In the true spirit of Indie movies, simple and enjoyable

The reason I love indie movies is this: A story told without the budget to make a mediocre story look better with the glitzy tricks of post-production polishing. And this is a good example. A story. Some good characters. Some moments of good acting. Moments of laughter and touching moments. Yes, in all honesty mixed with some poor acting, some caricatures and some predictability. Which are all found in a series like Dynasty. At the end of the day, who really cares. You don't read James Joyce every day. Sometimes you just want a David Baldacci. This is not a brilliant movie by any stretch, but it is watchable and enjoyable.

Reviewed by markadmoore 3 / 10

How this got a 6.8 rating I have no idea!

Predictability: 10/10 Script: 3/10 Acting: 2/10 Please ... Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by sheila_361 10 / 10

Heartwarming and funny

I thoroughly enjoyed Texas Heart, I cried, I laughed. It's just a feel good movie all around. I enjoyed the court room scene in the beginning of the movie, when the main character was first threatened and left town. My favorite character in the movie was Tiger. The actor who portrayed him did a very good job of portraying a mentally challenged person. I knew he was innocent the whole time during his trial. I was happy the main character decided to represent Tiger and prove him innocent. The story line kept my attention during the whole movie.It's a good family movie. I thought the acting was very good through the whole movie.

I would highly recommend my friends and family to see Texas Heart.

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