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Helen Slater as Kara Zor-El / Supergirl / Linda Lee
Faye Dunaway as Selena
Peter O'Toole as Zaltar
Matt Frewer as Eddie, Truck Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunny lovett (dwtaxi) 7 / 10

A gentle tale worth watching with a relaxed mind.

Watching Supergirl this week for the first time since childhood I see it with fresh eyes and a newfound appreciation of the movie. Supergirl must be considered separate and unrelated to the Superman movie foursome or it will fall short. There is not supposed to be a comparison. The Superman movies are action epics, Supergirl is the story of strength growing out of innocence.

Watching Supergirl now with an understanding of focus that I did not have when younger, I truly enjoy it. Helen Slater, Peter O'Tool, Peter Cook and Maureen Teefy all put in superb performances. Mia Farrow tends to overact the part of Selena, but then the character believes herself larger than life. Brenda Vaccaro could use a little more self assertion, but does alright. Marc McClure is of course an undeniably talented actor, though his part in this film is minor. I am forced to scream at the screen however; Why the hell do you wear a camera if you aren't going to use it when a major news piece flies into your lap?

I remember being dismissive of Supergirl when I was younger; due in part to the use of magic which has no part in the Superman films, but mainly I suspect due to the ludicrous man-eating excavator scene. This scene remains the major absurdity of the movie. Supposed to be terrifying it comes off as a rather poor imitation of the hundred Volkswagens from Herbie Rides Again. It isn't scary, its stupid.

Apart from that scene, Supergirl is good gentle viewing and a nice counterpoint to Superman.

It is hard to describe my exact feelings, but I do feel that standing on its own Supergirl should be considered a success and I deeply regret never having a chance to watch the sequels that were never made.

Reviewed by Andras_J 5 / 10

inventive, creative, HIGHLY underated, artistic

I could make this very long, or I could make it strict. stricted? yes... This is a truely wonderfull movie that on a mainstreame level has never gotten the attention it deserves. Faye Dunaway is a excellant adversory to Helen Slater and almost everyone in this movie seems to have a great chemistry together wich is outputed highley during it. The special FX are wonderfull and were advanced for its time, many in the movie even to today's standards. It has its roots in artistic litrature, it has heart, because the movie is about a teenager there is a vulrability to it wich feels more humane and personal to a level of a teenager myself...unlike the Superman movies where you simply feel "yes, he's super...he can do anything. good for him" This movie suffered for many reasons wich isn't about its story. It was marketed purley as a Superman "action sueprhero" sort of movie. When the fact is there is a more gentile apraoch to this film, sourcery, love and lots of imaginative things wich make it very unique to the superhero genre. unfortunatley it doesn't do it much favours considering to many it is the worst superhero movie ever. Everything about this movie is very imaginative and creative. From Supergirl flying out of a lake without getting wet to her almost flawless flying ballet (THATS when u believe a person can fly. Unlike Supermans blue screen FX) and the highly inspireing fair ground scenes. This is purley fantasy. Not a Spiderman/Superman action superhero movie wich it was promoted to be. So its real targeted audience didn't want to see it as its trailer and promotion didn't look like "their sorta thing" and the people that did see it were dissapointed as it wasn't what it was said to be. so let me say...STUPID marketting team!simply...its like making American Pie SOUND LIKE the matrix. Many people saw Supergirl and did not expect to see many of the things they saw.

If this film was marketed the way it should have been and released the way it should have been (some countries got a seriously bad edited version wich effected the charactors allot) then this would have been the success everyone thought at the time and still deserves to be This is a great movie and its one of my favourites. I don't think I could praise it enough. I think its not what many people wanted ot see back then though...they wanted explosions, action and they wanted Superman to fit into this film.

I think the fact that Supergirl arrived on earth in the supercostume without no actual logic was bad. Because firstly you need rules, and even more so in fantasy movies. Because it may be fantasy but you still should believe it. I think it could have easily been written in for Supergirl to get her costume. Zaltar could have made her it because she is a big admirer of her cousin Superman. But no, unfortunatley it isn't once explained how and were she got her costume from. Also...the instant costume portrays that she is an instant hero and she wasn't wich let many people down. As she was still nieve, cute and girly and not the strong wilded heroine she turned out to be at the end.

Also, this movie arguable did not fit into the superman mythology very well...But so be it. There is no flaw in this movie that could effect the enjoyment and believability of the movie. On its DVD release there are more visual flaws then I saw on its video release wich is surprising. Not many however but on her first ever flying shot there are...wich makes me cringe. HOWEVER, I am still to see better better flying in a movie that isn't from Supergirl. Highlights of this movie deffanitly are Supergirls flying ballet (you will never see anything as visually wonderfull and pretty as this in a film) and Supergirls scenes with Ethan. This movie is full of heart and art, with beautifull actors and its all acompanied by a wonderfull score wich captures allot of emotion and depth.

I will end this review with that you WILL believe a girl can fly. Because most of the is live flying and not against a screen (when will you learn Superman?)

Reviewed by Ronn A. Mann 8 / 10

A considerable improvement over the Superman movies

The way some people see Supergirl is the perfect demonstration that feminists have been right all along: a woman does have to work twice as hard just to earn half the pay and a tenth the respect of a man.

The double standard is astounding; the same people who can watch Superman reverse time by reversing Earth's rotation without so much as blinking, are the same ones who complain that they never explained where Supergirl got her outfit. They see nothing wrong with a depowered Superman who walks all the way to the North Pole without food, water or so much as a scarf, where he recovers his powers without explanation. Then they turn around and complain that Supergirl wasn't wet when she came out of the lake. When the depowered Superman discovers the world has been taken over by a superpowered madman, he walks to the North Pole. He doesn't run, or jog, or ride a dogsled or anything; he walks there. When Supergirl arrives to Earth, she decides that having a base of operations, sleeping on a comfortable bed, and eating real food are better than sleeping in the woods eating crickets. Guess who is accused of not showing enough desperation in the face of adversity and who isn't.

Most of the flaws that people see in Supergirl exist only in their imagination. For instance, Supergirl's costume. The movie clearly shows that Supergirl can change the shape of her outfit at will. She does it when you first see her in her Supergirl outfit, then when she changes to Linda, then when she flies out the window to confront the invisible monster, etc., etc. So why is it that people complain about the wrong thing (the first appearance of her Supergirl outfit) rather than the right one (her unexplained ability to change her clothes)? Because they were not interested in watching the movie, they were only interested in finding flaws in it. But how can she change her clothes anyway? Let's see, she's a superpowered being who can move at nearly the speed of light, who comes from a civilization several hundred years ahead of ours and who wasn't exactly wearing clothes bought at Kmart to begin with. Maybe she uses her speed. Maybe her clothes can chance their shape. Who knows? By the way, is there anyone over six years old who believes that Peter Parker could've made such a stunning costume by himself when it took a small army of designers and seamstresses to make the ones used in the movie? Of course not. Is there anyone who cares? Of course not, it's just a freaking costume. Oddly enough, this reasoning, though perfectly valid when applied to Spidey, is never used with Supergirl.

Another complaint is that the movie never explains how Supergirl knows so much about Superman. Er, did anyone miss the fact that half the movie is spent with Selena chasing Supergirl all over the universe using a device from Argo City? Do I need to remind anyone that Kryptonians aren't exactly Amish?

Some people claim the movie has bad dialogues. Like when Supergirl asks a thug "why are you doing this?" and he responds "that's just the way we are." Let's assume for a moment the apparently preposterous notion that what characters say should be the result of their intelligence, knowledge, independent thought process, plus the context of the dialogue. So here's the scene: two thugs confront Supergirl with the intention of "having fun" with her. She easily throws one of them away and asks him why he is doing this (this is the first time she's ever met a "bad guy"). And what exactly do people expect his response to be? Shakespeare? A 2-hour dissertation on the psychological origins of his motivations? A one-liner so full of charm and wit that would make Jon Stewart insane with envy? This guy is neither an English professor nor a rocket scientist and the only things in his mind were the curvier parts of Supergirl's anatomy. He's not interested in impressing anyone or sounding witty. He simply says the first thing that comes to his mind, and what he says is pretty much within the ballpark of what you'd expect from him given the circumstances. The problem is that people are too used to characters in other superhero movies who are nothing more than a mouth and an attitude, plus a collection of puns and one-liners waiting to happen, where the idea of characterization is to have a guy yell "kneel before Zod!" every ten minutes.

But the silliest complaint is that she joins a school instead of going bananas trying to find the Omegahedron. Let's see, when you're looking for a needle in a haystack, what would be more productive: to be smart and methodical or to run around like a headless chicken? Supergirl chooses the first option. She finds herself a comfortable base of operations (where she can easily find all the information she needs about Earth), where she hides during the day, using the night as a cover while she searches. But why would she hide? Because when you're searching for a dangerous weapon, the last thing you'd want to do is let its current owners know you're looking for them. They'll either hide or sneak up on you. Once again, people are so used to stupid superhero behavior (e.g., Superman struggling to pull the Kryptonite necklace over his head instead of just bending over) that they're unable to recognize the one time when someone uses her brain.

In the end, there's nothing that Supergirl does wrong that Superman doesn't do ten times worse, yet all the disastrous flaws in Superman are either ignored or dismissed as nice little quirks that give the movie a lovely homemade feeling while every tiny detail in Supergirl is regarded as a crime against humanity. Is that sexism? You bet.

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