Suffering of Ninko



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10

Vampiric ending

This is great. This is beautiful. This is unique. This is not too long. This is sexy. This innovative. This is Japanese. This is, as the Blu-ray box states, about 'Ninko, a young, diligent Buddhist monk (who) has one serious problem: women can't seem to resist him.' And so it is at its simplest but this is a folk tale (I can't establish its origins) with a certain beginning, middle and (terrible?) end in which the characters step in and out of paintings and drawings quite seamlessly. Whether we are following the protagonist through misty hills, mossy woodlands or bamboo forests we will occasionally take a detour through some recognisable work of Japanese art. Masato Tsujioka plays the titular Ninko with great style and variety using his eyes to great effect. A treat throughout, the ending is especially so, so stick with this unusual feature and enjoy the wondrous landscapes and numerous bare ladies, right to that Vampiric ending.

Reviewed by frantastika 4 / 10

A long trailer that became movie

When you read the synopsis about this monk being haunted by women and see the trailer for this film your curiosity is awakened and the expectations start to grow! so you certainly will want to see this film because the plot is original, is a Japanese comedy and sound promising. However then the problem begins when there is not much more then few smart lines and catchy music,long takes on bare breasts and more long takes on more breasts; disappointing and frustrating when you keep wondering if the plot will be revealed now... and then, maybe now?... and no, nothing. Enjoyable film maybe if you are half asleep on the plane or doing something else in the meantime.

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