Savannah Smiles


Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 1603


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Pat Morita as Father Ohara
Donovan Scott as Boots
Michael Parks as Lt. Savage
Peter Graves as Harland Dobbs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leelee2001 10 / 10


I watched this little gem of a film on UK television last night and enjoyed it immensely.I can only agree with what everyone else said and thoroughly recommend seeing this if You get a chance,I know I'll have to buy the DVD or Video of this film if I can find it. What a tragedy that the girl who played Savannah died at such a young age.

Reviewed by HughJunit 10 / 10

An excellent movie

This is a movie that will definitely make you smile.

All three of the main characters are terrific in this film.

This is a movie you can definitely watch with the kids, which is a rare these days.

The parents in the film are a little stereotyped in their coldness and their "seeing the error of their ways", but is intended to connect Savanah to Alphie, who wrote the film. The movie is very predictable, however like a Disney movie, although you aren't surprised by anything in it, it doesn't take away from the enjoyment.

I don't think I have ever sat through it any of the 10-12 times I watched it and not shed a few happy tears.

Reviewed by justwrite319 10 / 10

Perfect family movie

I saw this when it first came out and enjoyed it. My oldest daughter , now 20 ,enjoyed it so much she named her favorite doll Savannah. Now my 3 yr old is in love with Savannah. Every morning she wants to watch Savannah as she eats breakfast, she has gotten to the point of reciting lines before they appear. It's a wonderful movie, fun, entertaining and you fall in love with Savannah and her 2 buddies; the gruff Alvie and clueless yet sweet Bootsie. As you watch this notice the changes that take place in the main characters, very heart warming. The music scores support the story. I find that I hum or sing them throughout the day. My 3 yr old asks me to sing the end song as I rock her to sleep each night. There are overtly funny scenes but you have to appreciate the clueless comment of Peter Graves' character.."I've heard that voice before."

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