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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamespwelch 1 / 10

Manking the believable (and atrocious) unbeliebable and atrocious

This is right down there with other similarly poorly constructed titles. The problems with this film, which in principle could have actually worked had less to do with the plot than the way it was orchestrated. A blond white women in the savage heart of ruthless and bloodthirsty Africa could have worked but would have required a more sophisticated plot development.

Here are a few of the points with which I took exception:

She would have never stood a chance of avoiding being raped and probably chopped up into even slices as well in reality.

Her escapes from the horrors of the local militias are farcical and unrealistic.

The introduction of the female cadre of UN Soldiers was laughable at best this was so far-fetched. Probably some feminist fantasy, but it had absolutely nothing to do with reality. While there is nothing wrong with females being soldiers the idea of a contingent of females in the heart of violent Africa on a peace keeping mission beggars the imagination.

She was such a dolt who in their right mind extends their forearm to a mamba? Speaking of mambas, while the one that bit her was the less venomous variety, most likely the eastern green mamba. The use of stones is common both in African and Asia.

This was a great disappointment because the film concept had great was just too much of too little to make any impact at all.

Reviewed by audioxcel 4 / 10

Even netflix can't escape the european savior complex

El cuaderno de Sara follows the story of a spanish lawyer that tracks down her sister, an aid worker, to a violent zone in the congo.

Once the film begins, you are reminded an awful lot of times that africa is a violent and complex place, very different to Madrid. Our main character seems completely incapable of walking the streets without getting lost or fade helplessly into the chaos, finding comfort only in white-abundant places like hotels and bars. I understand that this is the point of the character, she being naive and ignorant, but the movie ends with her being almost as ignorant as the beginning.

The movie has an abundance of opportunities to come to a profound realization, the whole arc of her sister revolves around this fact, but evades a closure for easier subjects. Cute selfies with black kids are nonstop, as are many other aid-tourism behaviors, and even when the conflict it depicts is similar to the reality of not just the congo but many mineral -rich places in Africa, they are never tied to existent names or events. Acting is Ok, and some shots are spectacular, but that is a cheap ploy to simply ignore the failure that is the story.

If you are really interested in learning about the subject, and in my opinion everyone should, you should watch Beasts of No Nation and The Siege of Jadotville both from Netflix. The later, even when is the account of a white group of soldiers fighting on behalf of the UN in the congo, does more to bring the actual causes and consequences of our thirst for minerals than this movie.

Reviewed by phwagz-46691 4 / 10

For the dim witted

A tale of a Moronic Spanish woman whose idiotic quest to find her less bright sister in the war torn Congo leaves in her wake countless bodies of friends and foes because she has the gray matter of a marsupial and always places herself and others in harms way .. her continuing propensity to make the wrong descision defies credulity.

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