Please Stand By


Comedy / Drama

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Dakota Fanning as Wendy
Robin Weigert as Officer Doyle
Alice Eve as Audrey
Toni Collette as Scottie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by derek2407 8 / 10

Brilliant heart felt movie

Not sure which movie the two who slated this movie watched but I thought Dakota was as great. I've lived with an autistic person and it's so difficult to get it right because they are all different. This is a good feel movie and was directed perfectly.

Reviewed by suripat 10 / 10

Absolutely warm movie, glad I watched!

A very nice take on an autistic person life, dreams, difficulties. I watched with pleasure and every scene was so convincing. I simply cannot understand why this movie does not have higher scores. The Star Trek stuff was cleverly inserted into context and as a fan of science and space fiction that could not be better. Go watch it, if, as a Vulcan, you don't mind shedding some tears!

Reviewed by onurballi 10 / 10

Very good story and a very good message...

Some people always keep whining about everything. Dont listen to them and give this movie a chance. At the end you will get that autism is not an obsticle to make people's dreams come true...

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