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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BubbleBollywood 9 / 10

Two Extra stars just for the bravery to make such a film!

Even before I start analysing 'PadMan' as a movie, I assume films like these have to be lauded simply because they're being made. That actors and filmmakers are using cinema as a tool to strike conversations, tickle thoughts and lift debates, itself is a alleviation; especially in a country of over one hundred crores with numerous problems, most of them neither spoken nor understood.

PadMan' is purely a sworn statement of a man's adventure from not anything to contentment; totally banking upon on his very own desires of bringing about fantastic modifications and supporting them sustain. if you ignore a few exaggerations (and i worry I don't have takers for pronouncing this), it is an inspiring film and will create advantageous affects. Decently shot by p.c. Sreeram and rightly complemented with soundtracks composed by Amit Trivedi, it features great performances from each Radhika Apte and Akshay Kumar; and not to forget about, a fluent Sonam Kapoor in a brief yet pivotal role.

Watch 'PadMan' to encourage greater movies that communicate about actual troubles; more real than fairytale love stories. Even the real love stories are examined with terrible times, remember? Like that of Lakshmikant and Gayatri.

Reviewed by rajpootswaati 10 / 10

Its not another story

Its a rare movie that highlights the important issue every girl goes through for around 3 decades , the part where she needs to work hard the most to make an identity for herself, overcomes more obstacles than a guy , covering everything in 25 days as 5 days she is not at her 100%. Its a story of a husband's compassion for his wife, for her safety and to break all stereotypes for it. It talks about the taboo that menstrual hygiene or even talk of it carries in India or even around. The shame it carries as if its a crime to talk about though its periodical and quite natural and not intended or felt happy about by any girl. Go for it. And being a true story adds a thrill to it. In bollywood these kinda movies do not come everyday. And guys please watch it . It might give you perception.

Reviewed by rohankapoor-97889 9 / 10

This movie will make everyone smile

A beautiful movie with a strong message. Akshay Kumar hits a bullseye again and shines as a winner with his wonderful and effortless acting. He is lovable and takes the movie to the next level. The story as we all know is very inspiring but the execution is what makes it believable and entertaining. R Balki has done a good job and the movie does not bore you even a bit. Radhika Aapte as always delivers a strong performance. Sonam Kapoor is fine and has performed better than all her previous movies. Highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.

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