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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 3 / 10

You don't rat on family

Crime boss Angelo (Peter Frangella ) raises two boys as his sons and he also has a boxing ring. He supplies guns and drugs to Bruno (Joseph Di Mambro). Recently there was a rat and now everyone is pointing the finger at each other which has consequences. Oh yea, then there is also a powers struggle thing between the "brothers."

Jon (Can Aydin), one of the brothers, as a very quiet and dry delivery, like comedian Steve Wright, except he was never funny. The film has some fighting and kick boxing type of scenes and a little gun play. Not that great acting or plot line.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by dardani-99761 1 / 10

Prototype of "How not to do a movie"

Well, at least I think the main characters are good at fighting. But dude, you need to act, that is what it takes to make a film. Probably this is one of the worst acting I ever seen!! You remmember those bollywood movies.... yeah that's it! You wasted enough time reading this review, now go find another movie to watch, but not this one.

Sorry movie makers, next time you should try better

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 9 / 10

Ok, Well This Was FANTASTIC! Solid Martial Arts Action Flick

Ok, this movie is fantastic. It's beyond solid in my opinion. It's pretty good action movie.

This might be the best action flick I have seen in 2018. It feels very small budgeted yet, this was very action packed, well choreographed and well shot. The music was actually pretty decent...

On the Ropes is a pretty good martial arts filmed wrapped up in a gang war scenario. Two brothers on the wrong path and one ends up double crossing the other in a quest to garner power. That's the plot essentially and all you need to know to enjoy the movie.

There is no CGI and that's a positive in an era overdone with CGI. It was very commendable and enjoyable. If you are a guy who loves action flicks, and wants to see something refreshing, give it a shot. It's not your cookie cutter action flick, but that's why it works. Yeah it's low budget, but so what?

Highly recommended for guys who are fans of action movies and martial arts. 9 out of 10. Some actors are better than others, but at no point is this movie boring.

Well done production and camera work, along with fast moving plot makes this a must see.

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