No Down Payment



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 737


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Jeffrey Hunter as David Martin
Joanne Woodward as Leola Boone
Barbara Rush as Betty Kreitzer
Pat Hingle as Herman Kreitzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eclectic Critic 10 / 10

Quite simply the finest movie ever made about late-50s suburbia

The script is sharp and at times, poignant, the acting is superb, and the overall impact is overwhelming. It peels the label off of the seemingly happy suburban couples and, in so doing, provides the sharpest snapshot ever put to film about a time and place that no longer exists, the one that was written about by such giants as Updike and Cheever. The only problem with this movie is that it's only shown on TV about once every ten years and it's not available on video. One last comment. After watching this movie, you'll never look at Tony Randall in the same way.

Reviewed by Heartofglass52 10 / 10

young families/post ww11 housing and getting back to American life

I grew up in a post ww11 housing development, and all the characters of No Down Payment were our neighbors and family. Right down to the racial discriminating, only Mexicans were the people our neighborhood discriminated against. A pity. The buying of new cars,and ex-servicemen unable to find their niche, still living their war glory days. And young women who weren't really ready for married life,like the character portrayed by Joanne Woodward. The actors playing the characters were so believable, Pat Hingle even looked the part of the put upon successful man, Tony Randle played a depressed alcoholic,Jeffrey Hunter was an excellent college educated young man. I knew all these characters while growing up in a post ww11 housing development. Now I want to buy a copy of this excellent film.

Reviewed by Pyat 8 / 10

Now this is acting...

This is not the sort of movie, I usually like. It's basically a soap opera about of the lives of 4 young married couples in a new community in California. What makes it stand out is the truly amazing performances of the actors - Oscar material, certainly. It's well worth the rental, if you can find it. Occasionally shown at 2am on access cable, this is a hidden gem.

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