Made of Honor


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

Best friends in love

There is nothing original, funny or even really much romantic about Made of Honour.

It works mainly because of the actors who do the best of the film's thin premise and derivative material. At least they make the movie watchable.

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) have been best friends for years, a platonic relationship for womanizer Tom.

When Hannah returns from a business trip in Scotland engaged to Colin (Kevin McKidd) Tom had already resolved that Hannah is the woman for him and planned to propose marriage.

Instead he now has been asked to play the 'maid' of honour for her forthcoming wedding in Scotland. Tom agrees reluctantly, even though people think he is gay in acting as the maid. He sizes up Colin but he proves to be a perfect gentleman and sport, adept at basketball, an expert shot and he can toss the caber.

Still with the help from some acidic advice from his much married father (Sydney Pollack) Tom is determined to prove his love for Hannah.

Reviewed by Davis P 7 / 10


Made of honor (2008) is very cute romantic comedy starring Michelle Monaghan and Patrick Dempsey. With these kind of movies you have to take it and look at it and enjoy it for what it is. You know that it's going to be predictable and you know that there's not gonna be any big twist endings or surprises. But when you're watching this movie you really don't care about that and you really don't wish that there was any big surprises, I mean when you really think about it, what could they do that would be a good surprise? The two romantically leads Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan are both good in their roles. Patrick at first is kind of a player and avoids any kind of real commitment with any woman, but then when he realizes he's falling for his best friend Michelle Monaghan all of that changes. And Michelle really is just the cute sweet typical romantic comedy woman, and that's not a bad thing because that's charming and it works for this film. They both have good on-screen romantic chemistry together and it seems to flow naturally. The writing is kind of mediocre in some places, then it has some pretty funny lines, and then it has some truly endearing heartwarming moments. If you typically like romantic comedies then I would suggest this one for your viewing, however if you don't like them usually then I would steer clear of this.

Reviewed by Dunham16 7 / 10

Thirties screwball Hollwood comedy worked into a millennium romance

Thrties screwball Hollywood comedy at its finest built up nonsense physical comedy sequences having no apparent connection to the ridiculous premise culminating in a seemingly tacked on ending not necessarily following from the plot. What is best introduced into this otherwise contemporary romantic comedy are some brilliant physical comedy sequences any time matching fine thirties screwball unfortunately marred by a too logical ending one can guess minutes from the opening credits. There are excellent photography end editing and fine character sketches in the supporting cast. What is lacking in my opinion is the casting of mild talking hunk Patrick Dempsey this time no longer a successful second male banana now the often seeming fish out of water leading man not always up to the ludicrous pace and tone of what is being filmed. Thirties screwball was certainly in many ways as risqué as anything today allowing the public at large into the auditorium. This is not always true of millennium romantic comedy in this case the bride's grandma tricked into wearing something not appropriate as her party necklace and unsuitable language beyond the obvious risqué visuals among them male and female performers both filmed in undergarments. The promise in many ways of movie excellence delivers this in some aspects yet merely mundane multiplex cinema expectations in others.

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