Let Me Eat Your Pancreas


Drama / Romance

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Keiko Kitagawa as Kyoko - 12 Years Later
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ctowyi 8 / 10

An old school tearjerker

Okay okay I got lured and pranked by the cool title, thinking it's some zombie gorefest. I got even more keen to see it when I found out it's an old-school ten-hankie tearjerker. Cried, I did, and every tear is earned. Over the course of the film, the odd title takes on meaning and made a resounding impact.

I (Takumi Kitamura) am a high school student. I happen to find a diary by my classmate Sakura Yamauchi (Minami Hamabe) that reveals she is suffering from pancreatic cancer. She will draw me out of my shell and I will help her fulfill the wishes on her bucket-list.

12 years later, due to Sakura's words, I (Shun Oguri) am now a high school teacher at the same school where I graduated from. While I talk with my student, I remember the several months I spent with Sakura. Meanwhile, Kyoko (Keiko Kitagawa), who was Sakura's friend, is about to marry. Kyoko also recalls the days she spent with me and Sakura.

Yes, the main protagonist isn't named throughout the film.

This is a story about a burgeoning teenage romance between two high school classmates on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum. The socially awkward boy is a librarian who sees a lost book as a sad book, but Sakura sees it as lost treasure for the finder. He can never hold eye contact with anyone and protects the space around him for dear life. Whereas Sakura is a girl with a cheerful and optimistic disposition who just happens to be suffering from a terminal disease. Sakura may be dying, but she is not about to throw in the towel yet and wants to hit as many highs as possible in the few months she has left. Their friendship seems unlikely, but it is easy to buy into their blossoming love because they are so likable and their time is so finite.

Kitamura gives a restrained performance, allowing Hamabe to shine in counterpoint. When his character finally opens up in the end, we can feel the emotional impact like a swinging sledgehammer to the gut. Hamabe's Sakura is a beacon of hope, a cauldron of positivity and a dispenser of wisdom. It is easy to fall in love with her so much so that it becomes heartbreaking because we know what comes at the next turn. She is wisely not made out to be a saint in that she is curious about sex and her attempts at seduction you know what I shall let you discover that for yourself

Reviewed by yiuleungf 10 / 10

A Deeply Touching Movie That I Haven't Seen In A Long Time

I've seen this movie in an advance screening in Hong Kong. All I can say is that it's a very very touching movie. The story and music are very well done. The music composer is the one who composed for 2004's classic Japanese romance movie "Ima, ai ni yukimasu" (aka "Be with You"). Highly recommended. 10/10

Reviewed by thongsy 10 / 10

Highly recommended. 10/10

Highly recommended. 10/10

This is a touching movie - plot are well set and music are great. It make you think, what the life is? What your life is?

It would be GREAT if you have some good friend like Sakura, or i myself be "Sakaura" for others. I read the novel as well after this movie - just to ensure the translation does not go wrong :)

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