Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2345


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Danny Trejo as Prison Inmate
Charles Bronson as Lieutenant Crowe
Peggy Lipton as Kathleen Crowe
Bill McKinney as Father Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Parker Lewis 4 / 10

How would Lieutenant Crowe respond to Judge Ito, manga, sushi, and Pokemon Go?

I can only wonder how Lieutenant Crowe (Charles Bronson in a role almost made for him I guess) would respond now to "Japanese influence and infiltration" in American society such as manga, sushi, and Pokemon Go? I also wonder how Lieutenant Crowe would have felt about the US military bases in Japan? Or Tokyo Disneyland?

Hopefully the Lieutenant would show some respect to Judge Lance Ito if the Lieutenant had to present evidence in court.

Maybe a sequel should deal with Lieutenant Crowe realizing that not all Asians are "the same", just as not all Europeans are "all the same", and that some people cannot tell the difference between Americans and Canadians and Germans and Irish and Scottish. I'd love to hear Lieutenant Crowe's on post-apartheid South Africa.

I wonder if the Japanese or Asian actors who appeared in this movie had any idea what they were getting into. I know actors are professionals who have to earn a living, and Hollywood roles for Japanese or Asian actors aren't abundant, so I guess they had to be professional about it and scrap for any Long Duk Dong role out there.

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 3 / 10

great rear view! ooh yum, pity about the rest

I saw this years ago at a drive-in theater. The projectionist was my pal, and he joked, for years afterward, about old Charles always rushing in to spoil the fun. Yeah, the movie's main appeal lay in that first scene. Guys are guys, whatcha expect? Okay, laddish humor aside, I finally got to it on DVD two-and-a-half decades later. And there is that promising start, clearly showing why Nicole Eggert got to be Summer Quinn, but then, aw what an old wet blanket this is!

Charles Bronson cut a debonair action hero... back in the day. But quit while you are ahead. Geriatric, little more than a well-dressed scarecrow, taking on hoodlums far less than half his age? Worst of all, there is no fire in his actions. He parrots lines from a script that has loads of appeal, but there is no conviction in his words. He is an empty shell, the drying husk of a dead insect. Hoodlums would have laughed at the grandpa, and they'd have p**d on his shoes. Afterward, they'd use him a punching bag. That's reality.

He was too old to play a father, he should have been the much-opinionated grandfather, with the action left to some younger guy hungry for the part. Fueled by grandfather's wisdom. For, yes, people, we live in a sick society, and we gotta take care of our own. THe kids, and the elderly...

That scene with the Rolex, besides being entirely unconvincing, how deeply tragic, the weak effort of the former action hero. Such feeble movements. And when he points that gun, he seems trembling, unsteady. With Charles in the lead, utterly doomed idea.

For the Bronson fans out there, I am not being disrespectful. But you have an indefensible case here, the guy is the very epitome of miscast. Too old, and fragile.

RavenGlamDVDCollector was only here for Nicole Eggert... Better than BAYWATCH! Hell, yes, I'm a guy, and a guy will be a guy... Rear view, ten out of ten.

(By the way, William Shatner was her Dad on T.J. HOOKER, and he had a similar attitude...)

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

Bronson Is Great, the Movie Is Alright

A brutal Los Angeles police Lt. (Charles Bronson) is determined to bust up an organization that forces underage girls into prostitution.

The movie marks the ninth and final collaboration between Bronson and director J. Lee Thompson. Beginning with the movie "St. Ives" in 1976, their partnership spanned nearly thirteen years. I am sad to say they did not end on a high note.

Although there are good parts of the film, it lacks an overall punch. The opening scene, busting in on a prostitute and her john, that grabs your attention. But then it becomes a film that tends to stereotypically anti-Japanese. I'm sad to see Bronson's character suddenly dislike all Japanese because of an incident with his daughter.

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