Ignatius of Loyola


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Romance / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wyldstyle 8 / 10

A heartwarming film with some flaws

This movie was touching especially to those who follow the same faith or better yet, those who are already familiar with the saint. For a 2-hour film, story line was smooth, although it was dragging at some parts. They could have added more of his past life into the movie, and not just 30 second flashbacks. In my opinion there were a lot of important things that happened in his past that could have been squeezed in. The cinematography isn't that great either; it felt chopped up most of the time and the camera angles were sometimes off. The message of the movie was clear and simple. The acting was great, although their accents were heavy so I suggest watching it with subtitles.

All-in-all it was a good film! Would recommend to everyone interested in the life of St. Iggy

Reviewed by markrobertdy 9 / 10

The Risks of Watching 'Ignacio de Loyola'

If you're expecting a documentary that explains the life of St. Ignatius in detail, complete with direct quotes, references, and biblical passages, you will be disappointed. If you're expecting a film on how to be a perfect and holy Christian, you will be disappointed. Just as the filmmakers took many risks to create this film, watching it will be a risk to you... You risk crying a little, laughing a little... You risk asking questions you might not have asked in a long time... You risk remembering painful memories -- losing a job, a heartbreak, a serious illness, a humiliating moment, the death of a loved one... You risk spending time discussing and arguing with your friends afterwards over coffee... You might even risk putting down your phone and praying again. I strongly encourage everyone to see this film. At the very least, you risk having a good day. At best, you just might figure out how to live a good life.

Reviewed by able-89172 10 / 10

Very important and inspiring film - shares God's wisdom as given to a Saint.

This film-story of St. Ignacio de Loyala's life and discernment of his career goals is very significantly presented and very well directed and acted. I felt myself fully absorbed in the viewing of a first screening for a private audience - I only wish I could gather more such viewers to re-view it, again and again, because as a career seeker myself and a career counsellor it is most inspiring. I'd like to pause the play function at times so that I could reflect longer on what it shows, and reflect together with other Christians on the message it carries for my life and those who like me who know that throughout one's life when winds of change happen, even those we think at times God should not have allowed others to interfere in - which leave our career plans practically capsized, or leave us with disabilities - we can still with God's grace somewhere rely on our renewed freedom in Christ, to correctly seek right authority to help us correct the set of our sails and our steps to do His Holy Will.

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