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Jean Simmons as Hilda Crane Burns
Marie Blake as Clara - Mrs. Crane's Housekeeper
Herb Vigran as TV Pitchman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hildacrane 8 / 10

Feverish melodrama, fifties malaise

Another of Hollywood's many takes on the independent woman/"career girl" (whoever uses that term these days?), "Hilda Crane" is somewhere mid-point in the cycle. It was made just a few years before that quintessential career-girl movie "The Best of Everything." Hilda has "lived" but is not condemned to suffer, as would have been the case perhaps in a film of the 40's. Late in the film there's a very 50's having-one's-cake-and-eating-it-too scene that would seem to indicate that an adulterous episode has occurred, but also contains some very ambiguous dialogue in that regard. It's interesting to compare the film's take on the proper role of women with the questions that "Bigger Than Life" of the same year raises about men's roles in society. While "Hilda Crane" does not have the degree of subversiveness that Ray's film does, there are still questioning undercurrents. Things were percolating, and it was just a few years before Betty Friedan blew the lid off.

It starts with Hilda's defeated return from New York to her small-town home, just as "Clash by Night" begins with the return of a character played by Barbara Stanwyck. While in many triangle films it is the man who must choose between an exciting "bad" girl and a dull "good" girl, here, as in "Clash by Night," it is the woman who must decide--in this case, between the dangerous and foreign literature professor and the loyal, somewhat plodding boy-next-door type. (Most boys next door, however, do not look like Guy Madison.) The film features not one but two monstrous mothers.

Jean Simmons brings her usual loveliness, intelligence and dancer's grace to the part of Hilda, and David Raksin provides another dynamic score that combines melody and dissonance (he did study after all with Arnold Schoenberg, master of atonal music). Some ten years earlier Raksin did the score for another career-girl triangle film, "Daisy Kenyon."

Reviewed by edwagreen 5 / 10

Hilda Crane-The 1950s Version of A Bimbo **1/2

Disappointing film starring Jean Simmons as a wayward woman who returns home following her second divorce and is immediately courted by wealthy Guy Madison and Professor Jean Pierre Aumont.

Aumont plays his usual cad like character here. He sees Hilda as merely a sex object with whom he can cavort with at any time in a back alley relationship.

There is an excellent performance by Evelyn Varden as Mrs. Burns, mother to Guy Madison here. A woman who has a supposed heart condition each time her son becomes serious with a woman, Varden gave a truly excellent performance as a common mother, ready to dig up any dirt she can on her prospective daughter-in-law. She is vicious to the hilt and will do anything to stop this marriage including dying on the day of the wedding.

The Hilda Crane character does not develop here. Wearing her mink coat and discussing her 2 failed previous marriages, we really don't know what is making this lady tick even when Madison finds in her a hotel with the professor and she attempts suicide.

The ending is absolutely too sugar coated. The loose ends are not tied up in an ending that Hallmark would stage.

Reviewed by Martha Wilcox 1 / 10

This is not a movie

There is nothing to commend this poor excuse for a film. They call it a movie, but it is even worse than a stage play. It comes nowhere near the quality of 'Footsteps in the Fog', and obviously Jean Simmons lends her name to this project so that it can sell. None of the characters are sympathetic. They are all one-dimensional, and the story itself is unengaging. It is typical of certain studio films in the 1950s which were poorly written, poorly acted and poorly directed.

I would advise all Simmons fans to stay away from this film as it adds nothing to her canon of work, nor will you miss anything but not seeing it.

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