High School Musical


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Zac Efron as Troy Bolton
Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shmexsay 10 / 10


'High School Musical' is definitely one of Disney channel's best original movies up to date. I've seen numerous other ones - Pixel Perfect, Twitches, Go Figure, Stuck in the Suburbs, etc. - but none of them compare to this one. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Troy and Gabriella are adorable together, and their chemistry is more believable than the chemistry I see in many major motion pictures; Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel as Sharpay and Ryan are laugh-out-loud funny; and the other students, along with Troy's father and Ms Darbus, are perfect.

What really blew me away and made this movie stand out from the other Disney channel original movies, however, was the music, singing, and dancing. I loved the songs, especially 'What I've Been Looking For' as sung by Sharpay and Ryan, 'Breaking Free' by Troy and Gabriella, and Gabriella's solo, 'When There Was Me and You'. I was impressed by the vocal skills exhibited by the four main actors and actresses. The dancing sequences are also fun and well choreographed, and I loved how they were right in sync with the music.

Overall, in comparison to other Disney movies, this one is a 9/10. As a Disney channel movie, it inevitably has several flaws, the most obvious of which is the cliché, cheesy plot between the two main characters. I was also disappointed when there was no kiss between them, but that didn't really take away from the movie too much.

Whether you're a 10-year old or a 30-year old, I highly recommend seeing this sweet, funny movie.

Reviewed by missmessabout 1 / 10

Can our current generation handle such cheeriness?

(SPOILERS of ending, kinda...) It's just so…. Disney! And yes, I spit that word out with more than a small measure of contempt. Featuring that wholesome, straight-to-video nonsense we've come to expect from the Olsen twins, "High School Musical" is an impossible blend of the following:

Attractive, talented, athletic and brainy teens who learn their own lessons in acceptance and find a way to cross the boundaries of high school politics.

The villainous, Uber-competitive Ryan siblings, Sharpey & Ryan: They clearly have years of training, parental support and funding. And yet they still live in Albuquerque? Their stage-mom never moved them to LA to get them into toothpaste commercials?

Singing voice-over doubles for… how many of the cast? At least movies like Centre Stage, when choosing between actors who could dance or dancers who could act, opted for the latter.

Intelligent "nerd" characters with gorgeous faces and hip clothing. As a former high school nerd myself I say "since when?!"

Ms Darbus, the musical producer, who just wishes she was Glenn Close. Better luck next time, casting directors.

Finally, the mega happy ending, where even the villains show their human side and join in the congratulations and celebrations with the "goodies". Am I too cynical in remembering that even the villains of "Home Alone" got smacked in the faces with steel pipes a few times to get their come-uppance? At least in the 70s, cheery musicals with happy endings (Grease) were cool. Welcome to the Naughties, where they are not.

Reviewed by aemartell 1 / 10

Oh, Dear...

There was something that made me avoid watching this movie for some time after it came out, when I usually gobble up DCOMs like cotton candy. But one day it came on, and my little sister talked me into watching it with her. From the opening scene on, I was wishing that I was anywhere else than there. Gabriella was the too-gorgeous dork, which was obvious from the first scene. Troy was the obligatory supposed-to-be-good-looking male lead who was into sports, but really searching for something else.

So, my first thought when watching the movie was, essentially: "Oh, dear." By the time my brain cleared enough for another, it was time for "What a 'Grease' rip-off!" After vacation, it turns out that the girl moves to the guy's high school, where she is exactly who she was during their "moment," while he is the one who is constrained by his social role.

A play-by-play of the movie has already been given in a few other reviews, so I'll side-step that. Instead, I'll point out the things that made this movie horrible.

To start things off, we have the character of Gabriella. She is gorgeous, skinny, brilliant, and shy, but possesses an amazing voice that makes Troy fall for her almost immediately. Even though it is implied that she's quite modest, she uses the word "genius" when describing herself to her mother--and even though she doesn't want to be "the freaky genius girl," she is more than ready to correct the teacher in class with a smile that was too smug for my liking. Reality check: no matter if the teacher is wrong or not, the people who are truly shy and don't want to be thought of as a "freaky genius" don't speak up. Trust someone who's been in that situation.

My second reason: the high school cliques. Let me first say that I took part in many activities that related to a certain clique: music, agriculture, and Academic Decathlon. But none of the people in any of those groups were immediately willing to make me an outcast because I did more than one thing. If you want your kids to be brainwashed into believing that they will be shut-out in high school for trying to do more than one thing, please let them watch.

Something small that doesn't make the movie bad, but certainly made it worse was that Ryan and Sharpay, a brother-sister combo, are perfectly content to sing love-laced songs to try out in a musical. It's as if they couldn't find anyone else to sing with, which I find hard to believe.

The movie can't even strike a balance between the "randomly bursting out into song" moments and the "the characters are singing and they know it" moments. Most of the moments seem as if the characters know that they are singing: the karaoke scene, musical try-outs, and probably even the end number of the movie. But Gabriella randomly bursts out into song (complete with over-the-top 'dancing' maneuvers) when her feelings are hurt by Troy while staring into the camera lens in the way that no individual in a movie should do for extended periods, unless the're looking "beyond" the camera. And the basketball team manages a 'brilliant' musical number that none of them would ever willingly submit to. Pick one or the other, one or the other. But please, not both.

Perhaps the last issue I feel ruined the movie is how everything is catered to fit the plot. No real drama teacher would (1) let two kids trying out for a musical move the date to a day that conflicted with the only other two kids trying out, or (2) refuse to move it for the second two kids for something as important as an Academic competition and a play-off basketball game. No kids would hook up a computer to elaborately blackmail their friends just to keep them from trying out for said musical. The list of things that are too ridiculous, but are included because they fit the plot goes on and on for eons.

True, if your kid is under thirteen, this is the only high school musical available to them. If they're older than thirteen and want to watch a musical, have them watch "Grease" (not my favorite movie, but far better than this). Little kids should watch "The Sound of Music" or perhaps "Singin' in the Rain," while people mature enough to watch a true portrayal of high school cliques should tune in for the ever-classic "The Breakfast Club." Just stay away from this one if you have any taste in musicals and any level of common sense.

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