Fear Island


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Haylie Duff as Jenna
Lucy Hale as Megan
Kyle Schmid as Tyler Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 5 / 10

Nothing Noteworthy

This is basically another story of a group of young people who head off to have a good time but find themselves stalked by a maniacal killer. The story is told by flashback, as the sole survivor relates what happened on the secluded island the group had sailed to. So the overall story isn't especially original. It is, however, a pretty good mystery, and there's no obvious solution to the mystery until rather late in the movie - and, even then, what seems to be the solution has an unexpected twist thrown in. The performances in the movie are decent - perhaps a bit better than what you normally find in these movies. Because it is so unoriginal, the whole thing seems to drag a bit at times as you wait for the mystery to be revealed. So, there's nothing especially noteworthy about this. It's OK, but the story has been basically told before - and many times before.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10

Lame Story, Screenplay, Narrative and Characters

The police find an amnesic young woman alone in an island with a large knife covered in blood and her six friends murdered. Detective Armory (Martin Cummins) suspects that she kills her friends but the psychiatrist Dr. Jamie Chalice (Anne Marie DeLuise) tells him that she is in shock and need to be treated. Sooner she recalls her name, Jenna (Haylie Duff), and Detective Armory calls her parents that are in Cambodia.

While they are traveling back home, Jenna tells what had happened to the group of friends. The former skeptic Detective Armory fells sorry for Jenna, but Dr. Chalice feels that her story has many inconsistencies and something might be wrong.

"Fear Island" is a boring film with lame story, screenplay, narrative and characters. The plot is absolutely predictable and dull; the screenplay is also terrible, with a tedious narrative; but the characters are the worst, most of them non likable with the exception of Dr. Chalice. Detective Armory, for example, is a cliché of a police detective. This plot could be a reasonable short but not a feature. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Pânico na Ilha" ("Panic in the Island")

Reviewed by sol1218 5 / 10

The most unusual suspect

**SPOILERS*** Brain twisting slasher flick that runs out of gas halfway through its story when you start to realize that the only survivor of a massacre on Fear Island is on the verge of being committed.The survivor Jenna, Hayfie Duff,was found wondering aimlessly around the deserted island with a bloody knife on her. Having no memory of what happened and even whom she is Jenna is interrogated by both local detective Amory, Martin Cummins, and police psychiatrist Dr. Jamie Chalice, Anne Marie DeLuise. Suspcted in the brutal murder of six collage students on the island as well as their pet dog Perrier Jenna's memory slowly starts to come back in a series of episodes or flashbacks where we as well as Det. Amory and Dr. Chalice start to make some sense of this tragedy. The only problem is that they have to take Jenna's word on what happened to the students since no one else is alive collaborate it!

As the movie goes on or plods along that suddenly almost out of the blue a new element or character is added to it in the young girl Regina, Brenna O'Brien. It's Regina who turns out to be the key to what happened in the movie but as we soon find out she's been killed off before the film even started! It was Regina's death that set into motion the series of brutal murders on the island. But who committed them only Jenna in her subconscious mind knows. And as her memory starts to return she'll be able to identify who the killer is that's if the killer doesn't get to her first!

***SPOILERS**** The big surprise is saved for the very end when Jenna's parents who were on a trip to Cambodia came to the hospital to visit their very disturbed and heavily medicated daughter. It's then that the whole truth came out to what Jenna knew about the string of killings as well as who she really is. But by then most of us watching had figured that all out making the big and unexpected "surprise ending" anti-climatic.

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