Fabricated City


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2528


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hausiusi-288-725893 10 / 10

Very interesting movie

Who didn't see this movie yet, congrats, they can enjoy the first watch. The movie is breathtaking, after the second minute it is very interesting and it is difficult to pause or stop watching. Actors play very well. For this kind of movie I don't think, that better performance is necessary. I set 10, because of the emotions which I got during the watch and for intensive course of events.

Reviewed by keitamatsuda 8 / 10

Amazing Movie!!

i don't understand how this film doesn't get famous. It's amazing!!!!!! The Plot, acting, action, everything is amazing i couldn't find any of it boring. It is depicted a real life in the prison, how someone might get crazy because of it, and then it all changed into an amazing action, where the MC learns the truth and get companions.

The plot to start the movie is a bit similar with other movies, but, seriously, this is a must watch movie!!

Reviewed by grn_ appls7 9 / 10

Unexpectedly Awesome Movie with Tight Story and Great Acting!

Fantastic movie! Didn't know what to expect but it had a great story, good pacing and spot-on acting by Ji Chang Wook and the rest of the cast. The movie definitely has its serious moments which I personally think was necessary to invest the audience with the sense of justice that Kwon Yoo, the protagonist, feels is due to him. Great edge of your seat action, right amount of suspense to make you wonder about what will happen next, at times laugh-out-loud wit and comic sense, and great acting by the cast. And of course, all of this brought on by great execution by director Park Kwang Hyun.

Movies like this make me think positively about the future of Korean cinema because outside the smoke and mirrors of domestic and international awards, what Korean cinema lacks is tight execution and good old storytelling of otherwise creative concepts. Sometimes I feel Korean movies focus too much on sensationalism (be it gruesomeness or eroticism bordering on pornography), technical camera work and production value rather than storytelling, character development and execution. It's nice to see a movie that is well- made and reminds us of the fun of going to the movies. Nicely done.

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