Badge of Honor


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Mena Suvari as Jessica Dawson
Haylie Duff as Brittany Gallo
Martin Sheen as Captain Richards
Natasha Henstridge as Rebecca Miles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brooklyn-de-106-924826 10 / 10

Watch this movie for Jasmine Mooney and Natasha

The first 15 minutes of any action/crime/suspense movie is very important as this gains much percentage of the success.

Good: ----- (1) filmed in nice locations. (2) Mena Suvari and Martin sheen are two important characters did right justice. (3) Augustine (director) put his maximum effort without doubt. (4) Real light filming.

Bads ------ (1) they spent 5million dollars wondering where did it go... (2) Two cops fight not surprises you. What special story you can create with this.. (3) It feels like I am watching a television serial episode not a real movie.. (4) Actress Jasmine Mooney is my sex symbol..Glad to see her full naked in very short scene. She appears as a drugged slave without clothes for 10-15 seconds. I would have picked her role till end of the movie as a drugged slave. Another nude girl is Natasha in sex scene. No idea why Jasmine Mooney is not in a sex scene. Dream to see her again in sequel-2.. This message I am passing to film makers.

Reviewed by rtorans 7 / 10

Great movie, but don't watch if you don't want to see nudity and sex

It is a great movie, but needs to have a parental review.

I haven't even gotten 30 minutes into the movie before 2 full blown sex scene hit.

The scenes are full nudity and breast are fully out there.

I really don't care for movies like this.

I am interested in the movie not the sex scene.

If I wanted to see a sex scene I would get a porno.

I just want to let everyone know what is in the movie.

So, not recommended for anyone who doesn't want to see this kind of movie with nudity in it.

Reviewed by JamesCinemaFan 8 / 10

Watch it!

Summary: This film is fantastic. Deserves a much better rating than it currently has on IMDb (4.7). Don't see why this movie's average rating is not at least a 7.


The rare movie with an empowered, non-hypersexualized female lead character, whose humanity is the most important thing about her, not merely that she is a female. She is not fetishized nor relegated to caring only about relationships with men, nor does she need to be rescued by a "big strong man" to do all the dirty work for her. Rather, she is capable of doing anything any human person can do, but what in cinema is often reserved for males alone, such as wielding worldly power, being emotionally tough, and perhaps most importantly, simply being independent. It is not enough to merely put a gun in a female character's hand and let her shoot someone, and then celebrate the movie as non-sexist. Not if said female character is still portrayed as utterly relationally dependent on men, as usually happens in such movies. Not here.

In line with this, the movie takes a far more realistic, compassionate approach to how it portrays human relationship, character, and choice, rather than the macho, male-dominant, "shoot/beat up everyone and make it better" tropes in so many other movies with similar subject matter. It actually takes the time to show the plot from the point of view of all the characters, female or male, adult or child, powerful or powerless, "glamorous" or ordinary. One example being a gunshot victim's sister. Just an ordinary kid, no reason the movie has to include her at all, but it does, because this movie cares about the human element. In this regard Badge of Honor is very reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's best directorial work, such as "Gran Torino" and "Unforgiven".

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