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Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Kyle Gallner as Alex
Mary McCormack as Rebecca
Richard Schiff as Dr. Miles Driskoll
Azura Skye as Beth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by milinskis 10 / 10


I am a sucker when it comes to sci fi movies about time paradox and aliens. This movie explores very interesting topics, its well acted, pacing is good, keeps you invested, doesn't become boring. Believe the hype in reviews, it is solid movie that nobody talks about. I would go even further and say I would enjoy a sequel movie exploring origins and purposes and etc It is really worth your time. I don't understand why it has low rating. Yes it is budget sci fi movie, but i think the story that's most important and not the cinematography and cgi.

Reviewed by thethumbthing 10 / 10

low budget gem!

I also randomly watched this film and was pleasantly surprised, it captivated me right to the end I found it very well written and directed, the acting of the main character was excellent, he carried the film with great intensity, his decline until the scene with the alien, was very well done, great acting! The director and writer has some serious skills, I'm sure he will continue his rise in Hollywood over the years and I look forward to his future projects I give this film 8/10 for the acting, writing and direction, and also because it wasn't made on some Hollywood budget. Well done

Reviewed by nowego 7 / 10

Far Better than I though it would be

I went into this with the knowledge that it was a low budget movie, but not sure what to expect and enjoyed it far more than I expected to.

Kyle Gallner and Azura Skye, who I did not recognise did an exceptional job with their characters and held my attention throughout, they are both actors I will be looking out for in the future. Mary McCormack was as always solid and believable as a Government Agent, a role she has played regularly in the past.

This movie started out slowly, but quickly built, grabbed and held my attention through to the end.

The acting overall was very solid and way above par for a low budget movie.

Recommended viewing, I would watch this one again.

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