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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joe 6 / 10

Dark secrets of a boarding school outcast - Fine enough

Caught this film on TV recently, and to my surprise it was quite a fine film. It didn't match the demographics for what it was catching, but I think most will find this intriguing.

The main lead, Alena, is a brooding new student at a boarding school she clearly doesn't fit into. So surprise surprise, she is targeted by the school sport's team bullies, one who makes her life hell. The catch? Alena has a very dark secret from her past and it will obviously catch up with everyone who interferes.

We have here a mostly derivative storyline, which has been well trod beforehand, being a combination of Mean Girls, Carrie, Heathers and Death Note (Japanese manga).

However, it's more than the story. Our leads are excellent in this brooding tale and the camera work is excellent providing quite a dark frightening outlook on the first viewing.

I liked it. It was predictable, but that shouldn't take away from anything. For teenagers, they'll enjoy this slice of darkness. The rest should respect it at least.

Reviewed by Conor Bresnan 8 / 10

A well-worn story told very well

This movie proves that Hollywood is getting worse and worse at making horror movies. There is nothing unique or special about "Alena"'s story yet the movie is engaging, unsettling and genuinely unnerving by superior craftsmanship. The story takes place at a Swedish private school filled with positively "mean girls." When a public school student is thrust into the system after having left her school on mysterious grounds the story begins. All of the girls are perfectly cast. How can you not hate them?

When the horror and thrills begin they are uniquely surprising, not resting on the tropes of the well-trodden story. This movie knows what it is and provided a very enjoyable evenings worth of entertainment.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10

Just Do it

Alena (Amalia Holm) is a quiet girl who goes from a public school to a posh private Oak Hill school. She has trouble with the "mean girls" lead by Filippa (Molly Nutley) the top Lacrosse player, a sport that Alena plays well. Alena is bullied, but has a friend from the old Contrail High School who protects her and enacts revenge. At about 35 minutes into the film we get some interesting details.

This is a Swedish "Mean Girls" with a horror twist. The film was enough to keep me engaged. It was in Swedish with English subtitles. The DVD has no menu. It starts as soon as I placed it in the DVD player. No changing the sound, language, or even chapter/scene selection.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Based on a graphic novel by the same name.

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