A Little Bit of Heaven


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 4%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 25739


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Kate Hudson as Marley Corbett
Peter Dinklage as Vinnie
Lucy Punch as Sarah Walker
Kathy Bates as Beverly Corbett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gre da Vid 4 / 10

I Don't Know What God Looks Like, But He's Not Whoopi

It has its moments, but overall, this film lacks direction as it wanders through a woman's life who has terminal cancer.

Reviewed by swalden214 6 / 10

Give me some old time religion

The ending and the last few scenes were the best part. The death bed scenes were effective. That said it never drew me in and made me cry, laugh or care about the characters. The lead actors didn't have any chemistry, and it was uneven and that's a shame. Kate Hudson was too trash mouth which distracted me from the plot. Seems like a movie going directly to TV, because it never got sensual just vulgar in places. I'd love to see her wait for a better script and direction with nuances like CZJ. Too bad I keep hoping for better. For the souffle that it is we all could do worse than this.

Reviewed by barbara_whitfield 10 / 10

This really is a little bit ABOUT heaven

I am a psych researcher and spent six years at the University of Connecticut Medical School studying the after effects of the Near-Death Experience. I've written 5 plus books about the near- death experience.

These scenes with Woopi were so well done. Kate Hudson's acting was the best.

All the emotion and spiritual aspects in this film are real to people who have died and come back to talk about it, It's not far fetched to any NDEr (near-death experiencer.) The writers did their homework.

That last scene is not an usual one except for Woopi playing the role. I thought it was incredibly well done -- and I've had a near-death experience -- so it's also very real to me.

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